Friday, April 13, 2012

Windows & Porch Railings & General Renovations

Trying to recap all the renovations we did in the past 6 months is hard.  Below is a list of the items I can remember that are new:

kitchen faucet
bathroom faucet
fresh paint in all rooms
french doors in dining area
back deck
porch railings on front deck
water heater
electric box
a/c compressor
repaired vinyl siding
ceiling fans and light fixtures
all outlet covers
all outlet hardware
cabinet hardware
painted bathroom cabinets white
toilet seats
bathroom mirror and shelf
bathroom medicine cabinet
bathroom shower curtain rods
interior door hardware
exterior front door lock and handle
mini blinds
exterior light fixtures
floor vents
various drywall repair
shower and bathub fixtures/hardware

Filling the House

Insulation time!  Lynda drove down again to help us fill the house with insulation.  It was a learning experience but I think we all deserve to add this skill to our resumes!

Above:  Lynda is mixing the eco-friendly belly button lint...I mean insulation.... into the hopper 

Above:  Lynda is breaking up the big chunks so it can be sucked up in the tubing to get to the attic

 Above:  The attic is being filled with new insualtion.  The green tube is what the insulation travels in to get from the yard to the house

Above:  We filled that sucker!

Above:  Yep that's Lynda again, she didn't leave the hoppers side for a good 3 or 4 hours

Yep, We're still alive!

Six months has passed since our lost entry, and there is a very good reason for that.  His name is Evan, and he was born November 15th 2011, the same day we closed on the house. 

I think it's pretty monumental to close on a house and have a baby in the same day.   It's sorta equivalent to lifting weights and fighting off ninjas. 

Evan's early arrival was sort of good timing, because I was able to pitch in and help renovate more than I would have been able to if I were pregnant.  We jumped right in and worked our butts off and conjured up weekend help from Aunt Lynda!  Between two kids, Aaron and I working full time, and two houses to took a bit longer than we expected.  When Aaron wasn't flying he was at the rental house working.  And when I wasn't working, I was at the rental house too helping, or watching the kids. 

Below are some pics of the carpet installation:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What do you mean you have to change those air filters thingys?

This is what a 6 year old air filter looks like.  It's a good quality air filter, but they don't last 6 years honey.  Pretty gross, and sad to know that the previous home owner's thought their a/c was broken and went all spring/summer without a/c.  They had two window units, but this past summer was cookin' and if they would've changed the filter, this would have been solved.  One small project at a time....